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USANA Health Sciences is one of the world's leading companies in the field of health and nutrition. Founded in 1992, USANA develops and manufactures exceptional nutritional, energy, personal care, and weight management products that are distributed by independent Associates in 14 markets worldwide. Click here to visit Healthy Dr. Imlay.
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Healthy Edge

Are You Tired? Depressed? Carrying Extra Weight? Frustrated?


"Don't Dig Your Grave With Your Own Knife And Fork." The Healthy Edge is an exclusive program that is so much more than "how to's." Unlike most weight loss programs, The Healthy Edge is a lifestyle. It will change how you think, eat, move and live your life. Take a journey to uncover the mental and emotional reasons why you have not experienced the success in your health and weight you have always wanted! The Healthy Edge addresses all aspects of the Abundant Life.
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Once your child has been diagnoised, we offer a variety of services customized to the needs of your child. These services range from: Conducting Research, Early Intervention Services, Educational and Functional Programming, Applied Behavior Analysis.
If full time inclusion or mainstreaming services are needed for a student, click here.
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Services range from: Assessment, Technical Writing and Proofing, Subject Tutoring (specializing in reading and math), Special Education Advocate, IEP Team Planning Assistance, Transition Planning, Teacher or Administrator Long-Term Staffing. Professional training and presentations customized to meet your organizational needs.
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The Top Ten Best Teacher Behavior Interventions In The United States of America A National Teacher Survey indicates the top ten behavior interventions used in classrooms across America by some of the best teachers in the nation. Research indicates the best interventions not only work well in the classrooms across America, but they also work well in other settings where behavior is important. Look inside this valuable resource for any teacher, parent, counselor, sunday school teacher, or supervisor in any setting where student behavior is critical and important for learning to take place. Help students gain better control of their behavior and you learn the best interventions to help get the most out of the best educational oppotunities presented to them. Stop trying to make them remember things and start trying to teach them to learn those things a different way!

Click here to purchase "The Top Ten Best Teacher Behavior Interventions in the United States of America: A National Survey of Educators Answers the Question "What Behavior Interventions are Teachers Using in the Classrooms of Today in the USA?"

Human Resource Management and Research

Research services and methodologies unique to the needs of the client. Organizational Management, Personnel Management, Man-Power Management, and Industrial Management from beginning to end for a fixed cost.
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1-on-1 Health Coaching

Menu Planning, Eating Healthy For Less, Eliminating Processed Foods, Perimeter Shopping, Saving Money, Coupons.
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Menu Planning and Prepared Meals

Ask about healthy meal delievery for you and your family! Organic, Gluten-free and Casein-free options available.

Cooking Classes and Menu Planning Available
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